B. Sz.-Nagy Medal

Béla Szőkefalvi-Nagy Medal

Year 2008

The Bolyai Institute of the University of Szeged is pleased to announce hereby that the Béla Szőkefalvi-Nagy Medal for the year 2008 has been awarded to

E. Tamás Schmidt, Emeritus Professor of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Over five decades, E. Tamás Schmidt has published fifteen definitive papers in the Acta Scientiarum Mathematicarum, enriching universal algebra and, mainly, lattice theory with nice, fundamental theorems. His deepest results represent certain algebraic lattices as congruences lattices; the classical Grätzer--Schmidt Theorem, published here in 1963, and the representation of ideal lattices of distributive lattices with 0, published here in 1981, are worth separate mentioning.

The Medal was presented to E. Tamás Schmidt at 15:00, December 17, 2008 in the Bolyai Institute. On this occasion he delivered a lecture ``Congruence lattices and Acta Sci. Math. (Szeged)".