B. Sz.-Nagy Medal

Béla Szőkefalvi-Nagy Medal

Year 2013

The Bolyai Institute of the University of Szeged is pleased to announce hereby that the Béla Szőkefalvi-Nagy Medal for the year 2013 has been awarded to

Vladimir Müller, senior scientist at the Mathematical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague.

Vladimir Müller has made significant contributions to functional analysis, with special emphasis on operator theory, theory of Banach and topological algebras and spectral theory. He has published nine definitive research papers in the Acta Scientiarum Mathematicarum. Some of these papers were motivated by Sz.-Nagy's work and enrich dilation theory with beautiful, fundamental results.

The Medal was presented to Vladimir Müller at 14:00, December 5, 2013 in the Bolyai Institute. On this occasion he delivered a lecture ``Regular and spherical dilations".