B. Sz.-Nagy Medal

Béla Szőkefalvi-Nagy Medal

Year 2015

The Bolyai Institute of the University of Szeged is pleased to announce hereby that the Béla Szőkefalvi-Nagy Medal for the year 2015 has been awarded to

Pei Yuan Wu, Emeritus Professor of the National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Pei Yuan Wu achieved significant, deep results in a wide range of operator theory, including dilation theory of contractions, sums and products of operators, and numerical ranges of operators and matrices. He contributed twelve definitive research papers to the Acta Scientiarum Mathematicarum, ten of them strongly connected with the Sz.-Nagy--Foias theory of Hilbert space contractions, enriching it with beautiful, fundamental results.

The Medal was presented to Pei Yuan Wu at 15:00, May 12, 2016 in the Bolyai Institute. On this occasion he delivered a lecture ``$S_n$-matrices: numerical range, dilation and compression".